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In the kaleidoscopic confusion of my small laboratory amongst fabrics, buttons created and to be created, laces and many ideas ... each combination emerges from the careful selection of fabrics.


my palette of fabrics ...


The bombé buttons that I cover with the chosen fabric are composed of two aluminum elements (cap and stem in technical terms), and I would add poetic, button souls.


Then taking inspirationfrom the moment and from the juxtaposition the buttons created that the combination takes shape.

polychrome composition of bombé buttons


harmonic chaos of laces and combinations

In some combinations I like to insert single buttons in mother-of-pearl, metal, glass or gems: they raccount the many stories of tradition, passion and competence of the ancient haberdasherjes of Rome a precious source of inspiration for me. ​​


refined buttons of Roman haberdashery in comparison


Once the bracelet has been created , and the combination number is handwritten on the plate, Ribes enters the scene, a photographer with a refined style who, through his art, brings intensity to  My Colors . It is from his visionary enthusiasm that this site was born… thanks Ribes !


like a soupe of ... fabrics


Casket of MC Combinations My Colors and Thirties Button Collection
in mother-of-pearl on zebra-striped damask velvet

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