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Fabrics from the world, grandmothers' precious dresses, scarves embroidered with memories, fabrics from historic shops in the center of Rome: a collection that began a long time ago.  


With the discovery of the bombé button in fabric and aluminum, the line of MC I Miei Colori bracelets was born .  


Unique copies made with buttons of my own creation looking for Always new "combinations" , with an absolute protagonist: color and its harmonies .


Because color guides every aesthetic choice, arouses emotions, evokes stories and expresses the style of those who choose it.


My name is M aria C ristina Casciani… and these are My Colors

The idea of identifying each single bracelet as a combination was inspired by chemistry, I like to think of my bracelets as chromatic molecules, unique and unrepeatable, composed of bombé atoms linked together, in a harmonious combination ratio, by a soft lycra ribbon.

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speaking of MC i Miei Colori...

Words in colors to describe how the combinations are born ... the creative path, the spark of inspiration that precedes the technical realization and then the laboratory and the elements that make up the MC i Miei Colori bracelets.

The principle behind MC i Miei Colori is chromatic experimentation ... each combination has its own meaning and is a free exercise in stylistic identity.

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