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Chromatic and conceptual sources between art, daily life, nature and personal memories



. .. the liberty stained glass windows by Duilio Cambellotti, the pomegranate , the joyful drawings of my three children , the parrots of the Amazon River, the Pop Art of my husband Francesco's Gottlieb sixties pinball machines, colored bee hives , the blossons of Castelluccio di Norcia , the canvases of Mark Rothko, the sea of Sicily, the spice market of Samarkand, the abstract paintings of my artist mother, the curtains of  theaters of Rome and all that before hide and then reveal, chalk and blackboard, Sardinian coral, the blue eyes of my nonna Caterina, symmetry, the patterned blouse of the girl I saw the other day on the metro B, order, the covers of Vogue twenties, the purple cabbage of Verona, the lapis lazuli, the compositions of Piet Mondrian, mine and my sister Valentina,s room, the ceiling of the Paris Opera, the metropolitan chaos, the avocado, the children's books by Bruno Munari, the Indian peacocks, nuts rulers, the cyclamens, the bardiglio marble of Carrara, the Carnival of Venice, the Hawaiian jungle , the Library of the Abbey of San Florian, the red of Valentino, The Magic Flute in the drawings of Emanuele Luzzati, the multicolored outfits of Ribes, the sunrise over the roofs of Rome, the basil plant, the pointillism of Georges Seurat , the yellow ochre Chesterfield sofa that sooner or later I will buy, the chessboard , the pitaya , the moon on the Baths of Caracalla that evening at the Ennio Morricone concert, the art kept in the Uffizi Gallery, the orange blossom , the Wooden Dolls by Alexander Girard , the colored crowns of the many rosaries recited with Nonna Iolanda , the street art of the suburbs , The boy with a basket of fruit by Caravaggio, tropical fish , the covers of the Fleurs trilogy by Franco Battiato , the yellow and white of the narcissus ,,chromatic rhythm , the flags of the world, the shiny green of the first buds that as a child every spring I admired with my dad, the Jewel buttons of Olivia, traffic lights, the berries of Pergine Valsugana, the Flamboyant Gothic of the 'University of Salamanca, the feathers of the Sioux Indians, the portraits of Amedeo Modigliani, the Pigotta UNICEF, Japanese silk fans, Beetle green ... the car of my childhood, the sun, Roy Lichtenstein's Girl with ball on display at MoMA in New York, the bedroom of Queen Marie Antoinette at Versailles, the red and blue Canadian camping tent my childhood and again the red and blue that of the corrections in Latin versions, Casa Balla in Rome, the asymmetry, the many shades of precious amber of Vilnius, the neorealism colours of the ceramic tiles INA Casa, the intense green of the extra virgin olive oil from Caprarola, and again the olive green of the canvas covers of my  precious books in the series Library of historical culture published by Einaudi, the unexpected fireflies that night at the end of June in Serrone, ruby red , the beauty of the Palazzo della Caravan in Pisa and the cultural heritage it preserves, Villa Torlonia and the golden stars on a sky-blue background of the Serra Moresca, the velvety purple red with the intense perfume of the Papa Meilland rose, the art galleries of Via Margutta, saffron pistils, Chanel style, the Botanical Garden of Rome, the nuances of Tahitian mother- of- pearl, the colorful house of Bruno and Aurelia, the varieties of dried legumes, the designs of yesteryear on the vintage boxes of Gianna 's collection, the marzipan fruits from Catania, Pimpa Altan, the ribbons of Bonfim in Salvador de Bahia, the 'northern lights, pistachio, the colored houses in Longyearbyen at the 78th parallel north, the Constellations of Joan Miró, geometry, wild orchids, the pink salt of the Himalayas, the Eighties, the colored shoes of passers-by on the cobblestones of Rome ...

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